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The RAF company commenced its activity in the year 2001. By benefiting of long-standing experience in the tool industry, it has become specialized in the supplying of top quality standard elements for the construction of stamping dies, moulds, and special purpose tools.

From the very time of company foundation the quality of supplied products has been our motto, hence, our slogan is: ‘Advantage by Quality’, which is backed by strict inspection (100%) of products at the time of goods receiving at the warehouse in our Company’s Quality Control Department and cooperation with proven manufacturers who have certified quality management systems.

Long-standing experience of our Company, as well as the commitment of our qualified personnel will let you make purchases of top quality produce at best market prices.

At our warehouse, there are at all times approx. 8 thousand stock items, which lets us make continuous and rapid deliveries to our customers and limit part delivery times to a bare minimum. We also have got consignation warehouses, which enable us to collect pieces at times of them being in demand, therefore, delivery terms may be cut down to zero by the customers. Despite of that, warehouse assortment is ever increasing in response to the needs of our clients and to market requirements.

We effect our goods delivery through forwarding companies; goods are dispatched from warehouse, at the latest, on the following day after order submission.

The RAF company sells products, such as:

A – Components for die sets:
guide posts, oil retaining bushes with graphite, sleeves with bronze, ball slides, bronze ball baskets, self-lubricated slide plates with graphite

B – Punches and dies:
DIN 9861 punches, cutting dies and punches: standard, shaping, Ball Lock

C – Roller cams and cam units.

D – Ejectors:
round, flat, offset, sleeve ejectors, ejectors with conical head, ejectors for DIN 1530 moulds, hardened and nitrided

E – Clamping and lifting:
transport elements: VDI 3366 journals, fixtures and bolts: BMW, FIAT, RENAULT, fitted bolts, fitted bolts with sleeve, cap screws, straight stud-bolts, drill bushes, sized steel foil in a wide range of dimensions and formats just like many types of materials for using in tooling and machinery construction

F – Springs:
springs from wire of rectangular cross-section ISO10243, springs from round wire, polyurethane (elastomer) springs, polyurethane (elastomer) shafts, spring plungers

G – Gas springs:
top quality gas springs – SPECIAL SPRINGS

H – Precision Steel:
top quality, finished with top thickness tolerances steel sheets: 1.1274, 1.2003, 1.4310, 1.4034

I – Components for moulds:
guide posts, pilot sleeves, oil retaining bushes with graphite, self-lubricated slide plates with graphite, injection sleeves, and other

We are also an exclusive representative for Poland of the following companies:

VOESTALIPNE - high quality parts for dies: bronze + graphite bushings, sliding plates bronze + graphite, skids bronze + graphite and others.

OMCR - high quality parts for die in automotive standard: Audi, VW, BMW, Fiat, Ford, GM, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and die transportation elements.

H + S - high-quality steel calibrated in a wide range of sizes and formats, and many types of materials: carbon steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and brass rolled for use in the construction of tools and machines.

SPECIAL SPRINGS - top-quality rectangular wire springs ISO10243, round wire springs, and top class gas springs.

GUTHLE – technology of fixing and replacement of press dies

AMF – top quality systems of fixing moulds and stamping dies:
mechanical: holding down arms, supports, T screws, washers, nuts and other, hydraulic, magnetic

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